Automotive Accidents

Over the years, Charles Harding has represented many victims who were involved in serious automotive accidents. For those victims who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident has the risk of enduring serious injuries. The car accident can also have an impact on some of the following things; damage to your vehicle, victims can be left with disabling injuries, a pile of medical bills, long hospital stays, operative procedures and surgeries, rehabilitation or chiropractic therapy, loss of income during time out, loss of benefits, physical pain and mental suffering that could last for years, and possibly permanent disabilities which may be life altering.  After going through the tragedies previously listed, the victim may then have to deal with insurance adjusters who often wrongfully deny or delay claims and payment. At best, they make it difficult to collect what is rightfully yours, even after their insured was negligent.  Charles Harding can help you if you have gone through a traumatic event such as an automotive accident.

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Car Accident Lawyer

There is no amount of money that can be justified if you have been injured or lost a loved one  in a motor vehicle collision.  However, Charles Harding can help you, and your family, recover money for the injuries and damages you have suffered. Mr. Harding and the Harding Law Firm has successfully represented many families whose lives have been upended by an automotive accident.


Many people believe that if another driver causes an accident, the other driver’s insurance company will automatically pay for their damages. Unfortunately, that is not the case. A car accident lawyer will defend your rights and pursue your case. There are strict time limits for pursuing such claims, and the sooner you contact us, the quicker we can begin our efforts toward presenting your claim and recovering the damages you deserve!

Things to Do After a Motor Vehicle Collision:

  • Seek immediate medical attention if you are injured
  • Get all of the information from the drivers of the other vehicles that were involved
  • Get the contact info of the witnesses, keep in mind the police may not always do this
  • Take photos of the scene, or have a family member or friend do so soon after
  • Follow the advice of the doctors at the hospital
  • Follow up with your own physician, or the physician the hospital referred you to
  • Do not talk to anyone from the insurance company about your accident until you have a lawyer
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Contact the Harding Law Firm for a free consultation, and let us do the claims and legal work for you. Our experience and expertise is reflected in our history of car accident case results. The insurance company has already begun their investigation into your claim. You deserve the same opportunity to have people on your side, working for you and your family. Call us today (518) 384.3400

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