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Charles Harding has represented many victims over the years who were involved in serious automotive accidents. Victims of motor vehicle accidents may have to deal with many hardships including paying for damage to their vehicle, operations, physical therapy, loss of income during time out from work, and mental suffering that could go on for years. On top of those difficulties, they may have to deal with insurance adjusters who wrongfully deny or delay claims and payment. They can make it challenging to collect what is rightfully yours, even after their insured was the one who was negligent. The Harding Law Firm is here to be a resource for people in Schenectady, NY who need the aid of a car accident attorney to navigate this often difficult process. You can request your free consultation right now to get started.

Things To Do After A Motor Vehicle Collision:

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be difficult. As a courtesy, the Harding Law Firm is giving a list of things that you need to do if you’ve been in one.

  • Seek immediate medical attention if you have been injured.
  • Get all of the information from the drivers of the other vehicles that were involved.
  • Get contact information from witnesses and keep in mind that the police may not always do this.
  • Photograph the scene, or have a family member or friend do so soon after.
  • Follow the advice of the doctors at the hospital.
  • Be sure to follow up with your own physician, or the physician the hospital referred you to.
  • Do not talk to anyone from the insurance company about the accident until you have talked to a lawyer first.

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