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One of the more emotionally challenging aspects of family law is coming to an agreement on the custody of a child between two parents. The Harding Law Firm is ready to help you navigate through this often difficult matter, and will work diligently to help you reach a favorable solution.

How Child Custody is Awarded

A judge may award custody to one or both parents. They will consider a wide variety of factors when arriving at their decision, including:

  • The emotional stability of both parents.
  • If there was a history of domestic or child abuse.
  • The age and physical health of both parents.
  • Any alcohol or drug abuse on the part of the parents.
  • The financial stability of the parents.
  • A child’s preference in the case of older children.

It is important to note that there are different types of child custody to be considered. They are legal custody, residential or physical custody, and joint custody (also called shared custody). The court will always decide in the best interest of the child.

After the facts of the case are reviewed by the judge, a custody order will be issued, and it will lay out the arrangements. The judge will assign visitation rights if one of the parents is not awarded custody. Also, if sufficient cause exists, one or both parents may (in the future) apply to the court for a modification of the agreement.

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Why to Work with a Child Custody Attorney

Every family’s situation is unique, and in some cases, a family member may seek custody of a minor child because the current home environment places them at risk. On that note, it is advisable to work with a child custody attorney. They will be knowledgeable about the complexity of this legal issue. To get started, request a free consultation or call us at (518) 384 -3400.

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