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An issue which is an automatic companion in a child custody case is the matter of child support. Child support is paid solely for the benefit of the child or children of the family. The guidelines for child support are quite specific, but assistance from an experienced New York divorce attorney can be helpful to avoid errors.

Child Support Attorney in New York

There is a basic formula for the calculation of child support in New York State  called the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA). The formula involves a sliding scale of percentage of income after social security and Medicare taxes are deducted. Child support is based upon the income of both parents. For one child the obligation is 17%, two is 25%, three is 28%, and four is 33%. The actual amount is figured based upon a proportion of the two parents' incomes. In addition to the basic child support amount, the court may require that the non-custodial parent also pays a share of education costs, childcare costs and reasonable health care costs which are not covered by health insurance.

Court ordered child support typically ends when the child reaches the age of 21 or becomes emancipated. Some parents elect to continue to support a child through college. Understandably, parents may have concerns about the amount of child support which the court will order. Working closely with a skilled child support lawyer generally helps in achieving a more positive outcome.

The firm has successfully assisted numerous parents with child support issues for many years. Whether yours is a divorce, paternity case, and child support modification matter, or an enforcement of court order issue, an established divorce attorney can help you.

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