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If you have been the victim of a dog attack, first and foremost, seek medical attention. Your health and safety are the first priority, worry about legal action afterward. However, it is important that you consider seeking legal consultation after you have had your medical evaluation. Depending on the severity of the case you may be eligible to file a law suit for damages incurred.


There are some determining factors to be aware of when determining if you are eligible to file a law suit in a dog bite case, mainly liability. Most commonly the defendant will be the owner of the dog, regardless of their knowledge of the dog being “vicious”. In New York State, the owner or guardian of the dog is not required to pay for medical bills resulting from a dog bite, if they have medical payments coverage on a Home Owners policy or until liability is proven. There is also what is often called the “One Bite” rule that is enacted when the owner was unaware of the dog’s propensity for aggressive behavior and failed to warn the victim of the dog’s potential behavior or restrain the dog from taking action.

You can be held liable for a dog attack if:

  • You are the parent of a minor - if a minor owns the dog in question, charges may be brought against the parents of the minor.
  • You are the property owner - if a property owner allowed the dog in question onto his or her property, they may be held liable.
  • Landlords - if a landlord was aware of a tenant's dangerous dog, they may be held liable.
  • Animal Keepers - those responsible for the care/custody of a dangerous dog, such as a dog kennel, pound or sitter.

In some cases where the dog was provoked by the victim, liability can swing the way of the victim as a result of contributory negligence. For instance provocation, if the victim was warned of the dog’s propensity for being dangerous and ignored it or if the victim were to trespass upon someone’s property and the dog was protecting it.

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