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Falling can cause a variety of injuries which can range from minor bruises or sprains to very serious permanent injury. As height increases so does the risk of serious injury; many jobs require workers to work from significant heights where a fall could result in serious injury or even death.

When in a situation that requires work from heights there are safety requirements which must be followed however, due to varying work conditions not all fall prevention measures succeed in preventing an accident. A fall caused by the lack or neglect of these safety measures can require a serious and experienced personal injury attorney to fight on your behalf.

Common Reasons for Fall Injury

Falls from heights commonly happen at any workplace and be caused by a variety of things, which can include:

• Hazardous work environments
• Slippery and cluttered work surfaces
• Holes in flooring or walls
• Unsafe equipment positioning (ie. ladders & scaffolding)
• Malfunctioning or worn safety equipment
• Wind or various other weather conditions

In 2015, OSHA listed the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards violations. These violations included all industries but, 3 of the top 10 were within the construction industry and included:

• Fall protection, construction
• Scaffolding, general requirements, construction
• Ladders, construction

See the following for more information from OSHA.

NYS Labor Laws have been created to protect workers who have sustained injury on the job, especially if the injury is related to an elevation in the work being performed. Specifically the following laws:

• NYS Labor Law 241 (6) – Protects construction workers injured due to unsafe conditions on a job site.
• Labor Law 240 – Protects construction workers falling from ladders, scaffolds, and platforms.
• Rule 23 of the NYS Industrial Code – Defines rules and guidelines contractors must follow when constructing a building in New York State.

Workers Compensation can help you after an injury due to falling but it may not provide you with what you deserve.

Timeliness is prudent in cases that involve a fall from heights, if you or a loved one has been injured from a fall on the job site call us today for a free consultation. The Harding Law Firm has the experience needed to fully investigate your case and help determine liability for on the job accidents.

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