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What To Do If Your Business is Being Sued—Experienced Business Litigation Lawyer Offers Advice

Harding Law Firm - Friday, September 20, 2013

Being sued can be one of the risks of running your own business. Experienced business litigation lawyer, Charles Harding advises on what you need to know and also what you should do if your business is being sued.


Who can sue you

You may receive a ‘Summons and Complaint’ from a customer complaining about your product or service, the credit card company regarding unpaid bills, a competitor who claims what you’re doing isn’t fair competition, an employee who may feel that they have not been treated right, the IRS and many others.

Common reasons why businesses get sued

Not registering or properly establishing the business under the legal system requirements, avoiding or inaccurately reporting income and tax returns, copyright, patent and/or trademark infringements, employee harassment, or not following the proper employment laws regarding salary, retention, benefits, etc.

Advice on how you should respond

Being sued can be an extremely stressful experience. Charles Harding recommends staying calm, carefully evaluating your options and contacting a business litigation lawyer before responding to any claims against you and your business.

If your business is being sued, there are 5 important steps you should follow:

  • Contact your business lawyer as soon as possible and provide details of the lawsuit.
  • Be aware of the deadline for responding to the lawsuit. In most cases, you will be required to respond within days. However, it may be shorter, so it’s important you carefully read the Summons and have it checked by a business litigation lawyer as soon as you receive it.
  • Notify your insurance agent. If your business has a general liability or any other protection policy in place, it may be able to help you with your case. Review exactly what you qualify for along with your business litigation lawyer and insurance agent.
  • Which brings us to the next step – it’s a good idea to get your business lawyer and insurance agent to work together to evaluate your options. Settlement, mediation or a countersuit - what is the best option for your business?
  • Whichever way you decide to respond to the lawsuit, know what to expect next. Prepare for the worst case scenario and be ready to go to trial and fight it out. This can be a lengthy, stressful and expensive process, so ensure you choose an experienced business litigation lawyer to maximize your chances of success.

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