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7 Things You Should Do Before a Divorce

The Harding Law Firm - Monday, April 21, 2014
divorced couple

Many people have an unrealistic notion of what is involved in a divorce. They assume their spouse will react passively to the news. That rarely happens! Unfortunately, too many divorces become wars.

Any person who is considering asking their spouse for a divorce or suspects their spouse wants a divorce should take the following actions before it happens:

1. Make a copy of important financial records like tax returns, recent pay stubs, and all bank and investment records. Make sure you know your income and your spouses income;

2. Make a realistic assessment of your family’s monthly household expenses.

3. Identify all assets including retirement plans;

4. Identify all debts including mortgage loans, vehicle loans, and charge card debt;

5. Make a realistic assessment of how much a separation into two households will increase the monthly debt;

6. Stay very close to your children. No matter their age, a divorce will be very traumatic for them and they will need assurance you are not abandoning them.

7. After gathering the financial information, consult with a lawyer who is experienced in divorce law in your state, before notifying your spouse! A lawyer will explain your legal rights and obligations and can help guide you through the difficult decisions.

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