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Harding Law Wants to Reduce Biking Accidents: What You Need to Know

The Harding Law Firm - Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bicycling can be great exercise, a fun sport, an enjoyable pastime. But it unfortunately comes with certain inherent risks, and there are far too many accidents on the road.

In 2012 alone, more than 700 people were killed in bicycle/motor vehicle accidents. That’s almost 2 people every day of the year in the U.S. Even one accident is one too many.

At Harding Law, we want to see the incidence of bicycle accidents drop dramatically. We hope to help make bicycling part of a healthy, active lifestyle for everyone.

    Attorneys at Harding Law have put together a list of safety tips for bicyclists. Please share them with your family and friends:
  1. Obey traffic signs and signals - Follow the rules of the road like other vehicles.
  2. Never ride against traffic - Motorists aren't looking for bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road. State law and common sense require that bicyclists drive like other vehicles.
  3. Use rear view mirrors - Scan the road behind you frequently.
  4. Keep both hands ready to brake - You may not stop in time if you brake one-handed. Allow extra distance for stopping in the rain, since brakes are less efficient when wet.
  5. Dress for the weather - In rain. wear waterproof outerwear. Dress in layers so you can adjust to temperature changes. Wear brightly colored clothing.
  6. Look out for road hazards - Watch out for parallel-slat sewer grates, gravel, ice, sand or debris.
  7. Keep your bike in good repair - Adjust your bike to fit you precisely and keep it working properly. Check brakes and tires regularly.
  8. If you or a family member suffers injuries in a bike-related accident, it's important to immediately seek medical attention and get your injuries treated and documented by a medical professional.

    After you've been to the hospital or doctor, your next call should be to us. We know what to look for when investigating your bicycle accident claim, and we know how to protect your case. Call us at Harding Law and let us help you get the compensation you and your family need to rebuild your lives.

How to Be Safe on The Road: Avoiding Motorcycle Injuries

The Harding Law Firm - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

At Harding Law, we’re concerned about the number of motorcycle accidents on the roads today. Tragically, as many as 80% of reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death. When we compare this to about 20% of car related accidents causing injuries, we see the need to help educate everyone on riding safely.

    Please consider the following safety tips before your next ride:
  1. Be properly licensed. One out of four motorcycle riders (25%) involved in fatal crashes in recent years were riding their bikes with invalid licenses at the time of the collision.
  2. Never drive after drinking. 43% of motorcycle riders who died in single-vehicle crashes had BAC levels of .08 or higher.
  3. Wear brightly colored clothing. Make yourself more visible by wearing reflective material on your clothes, helmet and even the motorcycle. A high percentage of car-vehicle crashes occur because the driver of the other vehicle “failed to see the rider in time to avoid the crash.”
  4. Watch the road surface and traffic ahead to anticipate problems. Hazards include potholes, oil slicks, puddles, debris or other objects on the roadway, ruts, uneven pavement, and railroad tracks.
  5. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you’re entitled to compensation for lost income, hospital bills, doctor visits and medications, short or long-term disability and pain and suffering. At Harding Law, we’re ready and waiting to help.

    We’ve handled myriad cases of motorcycle accidents, helping injured people get the resources and compensation they’re owed. Contact Harding Law to step in on your behalf and provide you with the support and compassion you need.