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Motorcycle Accidents: Info to Gather for Your Case

The Harding Law Firm - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Motorcycle accidents are different than accidents involving enclosed vehicles because the driver/passenger of the motorcycle has a lot less protecting them. If you or someone you know is involved in a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to know exactly what you need in order to begin pursuing a case to get the justice you deserve.

Here are some important items to gather to prove your case:

  1. Witnesses: Get the contact information for anyone who may have been a witness to your accident and can vouch that it was not your fault.
  2. Photos: Take photos of the scene of the accident, including damage, as well as of your injuries.
  3. Contact Info: Get the contact and insurance information for the other party involved in your accident.

Once you have these items, contact us for your FREE evaluation and to discuss your options.

Slip & Fall Accidents: Info to Gather for Your Case

The Harding Law Firm - Tuesday, May 03, 2016

If you’re involved in a slip and fall accident that was caused by the neglect of someone else, you may end up wanting to open a case to get the justice you deserve. If this should ever happen to you, you’ll want to be sure you have everything you need to prove your case. There are two main things you want to prove when opening a case for a slip and fall accident:

  1. Negligence and liability of someone else.
  2. You didn’t somehow cause the accident yourself.

In order to start off on the right foot, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared with the following:

  • Take photos of the conditions that led to your injury. Gathering the correct information begins right after the incident happens. If you are in pain and can’t do it yourself, have someone else take the photos as soon as possible.
  • Take photos of your injuries. Once again, if you need to, have someone else help you do this.
  • Find out who was in charge of maintaining the property where your incident occurred and get their contact information, if possible.
  • Get names and contact info of anyone who may have witnessed your accident and can verify that less-than-satisfactory conditions led to it.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident that you know was not your own fault, contact the Harding Law Firm today to set up your FREE consultation!