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Construction Accidents: What Are My Options When I Am Injured at Work?

Harding Law Firm - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

—Helpful Tips from a Construction Accident Attorney

The construction industry is by far one of the most dangerous environments for its workers. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are approximately six million people working in the construction industry, which makes up about four percent of America’s workforce. As a whole, this industry is projected to grow by 7.4 million in 2022, adding the number of workers and potential for injury to job sites across the country.

Construction Injury Statistics

Construction sites are riddled with safety hazards that can result in serious injury or fatalities. In 2012, out of 4,175 workers, there were 806 fatalities in the construction industry. Over half of these fatalities were caused by:

  • Falls – about 34.6 percent
  • Being struck by an object- about 9.8 percent
  • Electrocutions – about 8.1 percent
  • Caught in or between something – about 1.6 percent

Construction workers also face a higher rate of non-fatal injuries; from burns to falls to broken bones. The causes of these injuries and fatalities can vary, but often they are due to employer or employee negligence, especially violations of OSHA safety standards and protocols.

What Options Do I Have If I Am Injured?

If you are injured in the construction industry, your best option for recourse is workers’ compensation benefits. Employers in New York are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all employees. This coverage provides you with medical and lost wage coverages (up to a specific percentage) in the event you are injured. Even if you partially contributed to your injury or were at fault, you can receive workers’ compensation benefits for your work-related injury.

It is your legal right to have your workers’ compensation claim reviewed by a construction injury lawyer. Because these claims often involve complex legal issues concerning compliance with safety regulations, liability, and engineering, it is best to involve an experienced attorney. Having the facts of your case reviewed can make the process of filing your workers’ compensation claim much easier.

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