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Contact A Commercial Litigation Lawyer - Know Your Rights As A Business Owner

Harding Law Firm - Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Many small business owners often face legal challenges in which they don't fully understand their rights under the law. Additionally, there are many occurrences where a commercial litigation lawyer can assist small business owners in matters they might never have thought needed legal advice. If you own a business and feel you may have a dispute with another business, individual or establishment, take the timely action to contact an experienced business lawyer and seek counsel.

A dispute that requires commercial litigation can involve many scenarios. Possible fraud, a competitor using unfair and illegal methods to lure customers, a breach of contract with another business, vendor or client, and false advertising claims are just a few.

The services of a commercial litigation lawyer may also be necessary when two or more partners are involved in a business in which ownership rights are in question. You should contact a business lawyer to facilitate or rectify any of the following situations:

• Contract issues
• Real Estate and Property Ownership
• Theft of Intellectual Property
• Company Buyouts and Mergers
• Employee Contracts
• Ownership Rights
• Disputes with other companies

Here are the other ways a business lawyer can help small business owners.

A commercial litigation lawyer can also be retained for arbitration cases, which can be beneficial, less costly and less stressful than a court hearing. Another reason a business lawyer can be useful is for insurance defense purposes.

More often than not, a commercial litigation lawyer is hired to represent two companies involved in a legal dispute. If you feel you have an issue with another company that cannot be solved amicably, or if any of the above situations apply to you or your business, contact a business lawyer today.

Charles Harding, commercial litigation lawyer, has over 30 years’ experience. He can help you settle your dispute or provide legal representation for other incidences that may put your business in jeopardy. Please contact us or call us today at 518-384-3400 to schedule a free consultation.