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I was in a Car Accident, Do I Need a Lawyer?

Harding Law Firm - Thursday, February 12, 2015

The cases of road accidents caused by vehicular collisions in the highways and roads in almost all cities of the United States are escalating to an alarming rate. Car accidents have claimed many lives, casualties, and injuries.

Auto accidents affect insurance companies who have to shoulder the claims of the victims. Likewise, they leave damaging effects to the individual victims and their families. The person in the accident may suffer from mental anguish, possible loss of wages, and lifetime physical handicaps and financial hardship.

Alleviating the possible trauma and dilemma of the victims and their significant others can often start with hiring a lawyer. Seeking the help of an auto accident lawyer in pursuing a case against the owner of the vehicle and the insurance company can help secure a suitable financial claim. The burden of long-term medical expenses can be alleviated as well.

Different Types of Car Accidents

There a re different types of auto accidents. While some believed that road mishaps are generally caused by outright collision, substandard car construction and operational problems can also lead to accidents. It is often proven that auto wrecks involved in an accident have faulty parts and accessories. Malfunctioning parts of a vehicle are sometimes the trigger of car mishaps involving more than one car. If it is proven by the investigators and by the lawyers to be true, the owner of the vehicle can also file a lawsuit against the car manufacturer, not just the driver of the under-performing vehicle. This can only be done with the able competence of an auto accident lawyer. Also, victims are reminded of their legal rights and will be provided with the lawful measures to take to ensure that the clients or victims get the compensation that they so deserved.

Some insurance companies would prefer an out-of-court settlement and might convince the victims to accept the undervalued compensation. Others would even find possible means to free themselves from any financial and legal obligations. This too is a key reason why you should consult with a lawyer.

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