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Leading Albany Attorney Wins Appeal to Reverse Supreme Court Decision

Harding Law Firm - Monday, June 24, 2013
What can you do when the Supreme Court judge rules against you and grants the defendant’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit? Hire an experienced appeals lawyer to represent your case.

In March of 2012, Albany attorney, Charles Harding won an appeal for the following case:

• Who was our client?
- 29 members of the Seelye Estates West Subdivision, Hamlet of Burnt Hills, County of Saratoga and State of New York asked us to represent their solar panels case against Brian and Christa Haines, owners of 44 Long Creek Drive.

• What was the lawsuit about?
- The size and location of the solar panels installed at the 44 Long Creek Drive side yard violated the deed restrictions. The case was a commercial as well as a real estate litigation.

• What was the Saratoga County Supreme Court judge’s decision?
- Granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

• What were we able to do?
- As an experienced Albany attorney who understands commercial and real estate litigation, Charles Harding knew that there was an appeal available and possible for our clients. We filed an appeal, and the Appellate Division reversed the decision.

• The result?
- As an Albany attorney with years of experience in New York, the wording of the Appellate Division’s decision clearly indicated to Charles Harding that our clients would eventually win. Once this message was conveyed to the Haines, they agreed to remove the solar panels.

If you believe your case has been unfairly dismissed or ruled against, it’s important you talk to an experienced appeals lawyer as soon as possible.

Has your lawsuit been dismissed? Don’t give up your case. Contact Charles Harding, Albany attorney to find out if you can appeal the decision against your case. Call 518-384-3400 to book a free consultation.