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Need a Personal Injury Attorney? Pick Your Attorney Carefully

Harding Law Firm - Tuesday, July 07, 2015

—And Be On the Lookout for Ambulance Chasers

After an accident, you will find yourself in pain, suffering from stress and possibly dealing with expenses you were not prepared to handle before. Unfortunately, there are “ambulance chasers” who hope that you are desperate enough to sign on with them before having time to adequately search for a reputable personal injury attorney. It is important to perform your due diligence and ensure you are hiring someone who is there for you; not simply to take advantage of your accident.

Why Ambulance Chasers Ruin the Industry

The behavior of ambulance chasers is appalling. They will show up at hospitals that are treating injury victims and hand out their cards or even prey on those struggling with medical bills and recovering from accidents, talking them into a binding contract. These individuals do not care about their clients; instead, they just want to add as many clients to their docket as possible and increase potential profits. These individuals are typically associated with low-ball settlements (or no settlement), because they do not take the time to understand their clients’ needs or even care if their clients get a fair settlement.

How to Ensure You Get a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

Luckily, a good majority of attorneys out there do not engage in ambulance chasing. To make sure you are hiring a trusted attorney for your personal injury case, there are things you can look for, including:

  • Instinct – When you meet an attorney, ask yourself if they are right for your case. Use your instincts and determine if that attorney is just chasing the accident or if they are there to really help you. A good hint is an attorney that hands out cards at a hospital versus the attorney you have to call and schedule an appointment with.
  • Research – Adequate research will help you determine if your potential attorney is an ambulance chaser. Look at online review sites, check with the local bar association and make sure that the attorney is not facing any disciplinary actions.
  • Read Before You Sign – As with any contract, you should read the attorney/client contract carefully and make sure you understand just what you are signing. Also, get a copy of that agreement if you do choose to sign it.

After an accident, you do not have to be subjected to ambulance chasers. Speak with a personal injury attorney that actually cares about your well-being; contact Charles Harding. Call 518-384-3400 and book a free consultation today.