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Schenectady Divorce Lawyer’s Checklist of Documents to Change After Divorce

Harding Law Firm - Friday, November 15, 2013
After the divorce proceedings have been completed by your divorce attorney, there will be significant paperwork to be taken care of immediately. Schenectady divorce lawyer, Charles Harding helps make this process as painless as possible by educating his clients that are going through a divorce. Whether the case has been settled by marital settlement agreement or trial, both the parties need to tie-up some loose ends before moving ahead with their lives.

What Are The Most Important Documents To Be Changed? Schenectady Divorce Lawyers List These:

•    Details in wills, trusts and other testamentary documents must be updated with the beneficiaries that may have changed.

•    The beneficiaries in life insurance policies, financial documents like bank and stock accounts, and health savings need to be amended. You might need to look into refinance related documentations such as that of the mortgage along with other financials.

•    401(k)s and IRAs need to rewritten and additional documents might be required as part of the divorce settlement.

•    If a home is involved, the party who claims the house will have to change the electricity and telephone bills into their name.

•    If the wife looks to restore her maiden name, then she will need the divorce decree issued by the court to change the driving license, financials, passport, and other documents. Replacing the social security card is essential if the data has altered. For this, the individual will  have to go to the Social Security Administration and apply to receive a new card.

•    If the children are not under your direct care, you will want to make sure their caretakers have the ability to provide proper medical care. Get a Medical Treatment Authorization and Consent Form in situations where minors are unaccompanied by legal guardians or by either parents.

•    Revise details in the Medical Power of Attorney which will be implemented upon your inability to make health decisions on your own and will have to designate to someone else. If previously, you have had your spouse’s name and you wish to change this, do it along with the other alterations to avoid being overlooked.

If you want more information about amending documentation following a divorce, get in touch with our Schenectady divorce lawyer, Charles Harding. Contact the Harding Law Firm to find out about our divorce attorney services. Call 518-384-3400 to book a free consultation today!