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Steps to Take After Being Attacked by a Dog

Harding Law Firm - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dog bites can be very damaging to a person, both physically and emotionally. Taking immediate action after a dog bite incident is crucial for those who wish to take legal action. The steps to take include:

  1. Get Information About the Dog and Owner

    If you intend to take legal action, it is necessary to get the name of address of the person who has custody of the dog, as well as of any witnesses of the attack. You should also obtain the dog’s license information and any records of previous dog bites or attacks the dog has been involved in. Finally, the vaccination records of the dog will determine whether or not you will need to undergo a series of rabies shots.

  2. Seek Medical Attention & File a Dog Bite Report

    No matter how small the injury, you should get it checked over by medical professionals to lower your risk of infection from the dog bite, if nothing else. You should then identify the proper city and/or county authorities to file a dog bite report with, and do so. This will legally document your case, as well as create a paper trail for any future victims of the same dog.

  3. Photograph Your Injuries

    All injuries should be photographed and documented for the future. It may also be helpful to photograph the location of the attack, as well as any torn or bloody clothing from the attack.

  4. Contact Harding Law Firm

    Harding Law is highly experienced at documenting and presenting your case in a skillful manner. If you have been victim of a dog (or other animal) attack, contact us today for a free consultation.