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What To Do Following a Vehicular Accident

Harding Law Firm - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aggressive driving, cell phone use, driver distraction and inexperience, fatigue and eating and drinking are all factors that contributed to motor vehicle accidents in recent years, according to the NY State Department of Motor Vehicles.

In times of crisis, it’s always best to be prepared ahead of time.

    Here are 5 Important Tips to Follow Immediately After an Accident:
  1. Make sure everyone is all right, then call the police.
  2. Ask for insurance information from the other driver, then call your insurance company.
  3. In the case of extensive damage, don’t attempt to move your vehicle. Take photos of the scene if no one is injured.
  4. Don't admit guilt. In fact, do not engage in any negotiations whatsoever with the other driver.
  5. Keep track of repairs.
  6. Call Harding Law for representation.
  7. Dealing with insurance companies – yours, and the other driver’s – can be daunting, and it’s vital to have an expert attorney on your side. Call Harding Law today for a consultation.