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Winter Recreational Sports Injuries: Tips for Staying Safe

Harding Law Firm - Monday, January 26, 2015

Recreational Sport Injuries

Here in the northeast, there is usually no shortage of snow and ice. And for the winter sports enthusiasts and even kids hitting the local hills for sledding, the opportunity to sustain an injury is pretty great.

Staying safe and avoiding injury is important, but so is knowing your limitations, skills, and even your rights to a personal injury lawsuit if you get hurt. If you find that you’ve been injured during winter recreational activities, be sure to contact us and schedule a personal injury consultation so you can recover anything that may be rightfully yours (health costs, lost wages, etc.).

Children who engage in winter sports need to be provided with the right protective equipment and supervision to ensure their safety during winter activities. Unfortunately, negligence can often lead to winter accidents, leaving kids with serious injuries; including: spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones and other injuries that might have a permanent impact on their lives ahead. Whether it was a school-sponsored sport or other outdoor winter recreational activity, the Harding Law Firm can help ensure your right and those of your children are protected.

In order to ‘play it safe’ this winter, here are 6 actionable tips for protecting your health and well-being while having fun in the snow and ice this year:

Head Protection: Skiing and snowboarding accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries; keep a helmet on.

Falls & Spills: When learning a winter sport, especially from a professional, make sure your instructor provides useful strategies to falling – whether on snow or ice.

Respect Rules & Boundaries: Posted rules and boundaries are there for a reason, make sure you follow all guidelines, they’re there for your protection.

Weather: Keep an eye on weather conditions and recommendations made by the pros, changing weather conditions can put you in a precarious spot.

Be Mindful of Exhaustion: You might not think to do it, but hydrate before going out and being active in the winter weather. Exhaustion can cause all kinds of avoidable problems.

Plan & Report: Don’t go out alone, especially without someone knowing where you are going and what you are doing. You wouldn’t want to be stranded and injured with no one knowing where to look for you.