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Work Injury Caused Unfortunate Death of Your Spouse? A Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help

Harding Law Firm - Thursday, October 24, 2013

Having to cope with the death of a spouse due to a construction site accident is hard and tragic. When such a tragedy occurs, the last thing you want is to have to deal with the stress of legal matters. Speaking with a work injury lawyer can make things easier. Get the right advice, help and assistance you need during this difficult time.

Construction accident lawyer Charles Harding can help you ensure that negligent parties responsible for your spouse's death are held responsible, and that you get the just compensation you deserve.

What can a construction accident lawyer do for you?

• You have legal rights in the event of a spouse's death due to a construction accident. A lawyer will help you to understand them.
• You can recover the costs of medical expenses.
• You can receive compensation for funeral costs.
• Additional compensation for recovery of damages through lost household services and financial support, lost inheritance for the family, loss of parental guidance, and punitive damages

What you should do immediately following the unfortunate death of a spouse due to a work or construction accident:

After such an incident, it is important that you contact a construction accident lawyer as soon as possible to determine the employer’s fault, if any. A wrongful death suit filed by a work injury lawyer can ensure that the company or negligent parties are held responsible.

Before choosing a lawyer, be sure to find one that is well experienced in work injury and construction site accidents and deaths.

If you choose to wait too long before hiring a lawyer and filing a wrongful death suit, keep in mind that many states have a statute of limitations on how long after an accident you are allowed to file.

With over 30 years’ experience, Charles Harding, construction accident lawyer, can ensure you and your loved ones are properly protected. If your spouse has been the victim of a workplace accident, please contact us. Call us today at 518-384-3400 to schedule a free consultation!