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For over 30 years, Charles Harding and The Harding Law Firm has represented clients who have slipped, tripped, fallen and have suffered bodily injury because of the negligence of a property owner. These kinds of accidents can happen in several different situations such as; stores and supermarkets, stairways, restaurants, on or near construction sites, hotels, playgrounds, walkways, or office apartment buildings. Injuries can range from simple cuts and bruises to broken bones and head injuries.

Important Information for Slip and Fall Cases:

  • Please make sure to take photos of condition that led to your injury as soon as possible.

  • Did the premises owner know or should have known about the condition that contributed to or caused your trip and fall accident?

  • Did the negligent acts of a property owner or landlord cause the condition that led to your herniated disk, broken ankle, knee injury, or any other type of injury you may have sustained?

Our years of experience, track record of success, and dedication to the well-being of our clients make choosing The Harding Law Firm a logical decision.

We’re ready to help you put your life back together if you need a slip and fall attorney in the Albany and Schenectady, NY. Call us at 518-384-3400 to get started or ask us for a free consultation. Please reach out to us as soon as possible. Time is an important element when dealing with a slip and fall case. An early investigation of the scene of the fall is vital.

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